There could be several reasons for keeping the air duct cleaned due to accumulated debris. This accumulation can lead to many problems for the home members, including cooling issues, heating issues, spreading of dust particles, etc. That is why many homeowners want to know the air duct cleaning process to keep their home dust-free.

This post describes the HVAC duct cleaning process and what you can expect. Feel free to speak to our members if you have any concerns or special needs. They will tell you how long your duct cleaning should take and what (if any) planning is required, aside from offering a quote for the job.

Air duct cleaning method is a much more complicated task. It includes many steps as given below. Follow the steps one by one if you really want to perform the air duct cleaning method. Can I arrange air duct cleaning in my area? Yes, why not call the Dryer Kings to make your cleaning services done.

Steps For Air Duct Cleaning Process:

Step 1: Consider Your Needs

At Dryer Kings, we run them through the duct cleaning process. When a client calls us, he/she needs to explain their requirements about cleaning. Our representative informs the client of the base rate, the fee for each registration and return. Over a weekday, we check the client’s availability on which day he/she is present. After checking availability, we schedule their appointment.

Step 2: Planning For Duct Cleaning

Our team arrives at the client’s premises and starts to set up piping and hoses from the truck to the furnace. You don’t have to think about supplying fuel because the machinery runs off the vehicle’s motor. We hook the vacuum up and prepare to draw dirt and debris directly into the vehicle.

Step 3: Preparing The Cleaning Process

Our team prepares vacuum connectors and access holes for the major duct lines are made. To ensure that there’s no leftover dirt to blowback via the clean ductwork, we also do a four-point cleaning of the furnace’s air handling side. It also cleans the furnace fan, the outside of the heat exchangers, A/C coils, etc.

Step 4: Return and Registry Cleaning

Our staff cleans out all returns and registers. We check each of the vents to blow dirt and debris through the distribution feeders into the major duct lines. You have to ensure that everyone has access to those parts of the property because our team needs access to the return and register.

Step 5: Final Cleaning

We recheck the leftover dust or debris for confirmation. If any dust is found, we again start cleaning. It took some time, but we provide the best cleaning services to our valuable customers.

Why Choose Dryer Kings?

  • Deeply examine the dryer vent system of your home.
  • After inspection, we explain the service according to your home condition and its cost.
  • We use specialized equipment to clear out all the vent system’s dust completely.
  • We ensure to keep your entire system deeply cleaned.


If you find our service much better than other service providers, call us immediately and get the air duct cleaning process done at your home. Our professionals will take care of all your homes and provide affordable duct cleaning services.