Air duct cleaning process

Air Duct Cleaning Process

Have you ever marked your HVAC system behaving strangely? If yes, then it needs proper care and attention. There are numerous reasons that indicate that an HVAC System needs to be cleaned, including unwanted noise coming from it if your home has suffered from water damage, construction work, unwanted noise coming from your duct system, and many more. If you notice any such issues with your duct system, it is essential to connect with a reputable company. We at Dryer Vent Kings offer a wide range of air duct and dryer cleaning services. Our cleaning process is straightforward and systematic, which gives thorough cleaning of your duct system and surrounding

How Does Professional Air Duct Cleaning Work?

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Step 1: Inspect the ducts

After visiting your place, our specialists will inspect your overall HVAC system. By checking all the access points to the ductwork, they will also inspect the inside condition and decide which cleaning tools & equipment to be used for cleaning purposes

Step 2: Create negative pressure

Subsequent to examination, the technicians will use a negative collection unit to create negative air pressure to collect dust and debris to ensure that it does not spread around the house. After installing this up, the technician will start moving the ductwork walls, taking out the pollutant as pollen, bacteria, dirt stuck on the duct’s wall.

Step 3: Agitate the dust

Following creating negative air pressure, the professionals will unseal the duct system and clean it one by one. They will use brushes or simple vacuum cleaners to ensure that dust is removed and absorbed into the vacuum collection unit.

Step 4: Clean the rest of the system

This is the last process of inspection and cleaning. In this method, the technician will again check the HVAC system whether it has been cleaned or not. Along with cleaning your air duct, they will also check other components, including filters, motor, and drain fan, and brush them properly. This helps in increasing the air quality and enhances the lifespan of the duct system.


If you want to ensure that your ducts are cleaned correctly, call us at 602-699-5119, and our professional will take care of your duct system. We have years of knowledge and practice in residential and commercial cleaning. Visit us and schedule your appointment or call us. We will come to your place and guarantee to provide qualitative solutions.