People often take air duct cleaning for granted, but it is one of the severe aspects to consider for healthy living. If you’re also in the false hope that residential air ducts don’t need cleaning & inspection for a long while, let us tell you something highly crucial about its need. Residential air duct cleaning is as important as fixing your broken electric circuits due to the risk involved with them. This blog will present you with some critical facts that need to be in your knowledge to avoid future happenings.

How Often Should You Get Home Air Duct Cleaning?

Air ducts & dryer vent systems containing filters even need timely inspection & cleaning for various reasons. Running time & usage of the air ducts collect enormous quantities of allergen, contaminations, dust & dirt. The impure contaminations & filthy debris enter your filtered air ducts and can harm in several forms.

You can have home air duct cleaning at least once a year for average duct systems. For improved air duct systems with advanced filters, one can have the cleaning for a little longer than usual. However, such cleaning periods must not exceed three years in any manner. If you’re putting up in an area with high pollution or an industrial environment, you often need to get it done.

When Do Air Duct & Dryer Vents Demand Cleaning?

The best considered time of scheduling air duct cleaning is before you’re going to start using it. Such time can be either early fall or the spring season. But, practically, you must not delay air duct inspection & replacement when the moldy smell comes out of the duct systems. The moldy or musty smell often comes from debris, indicating your vents might stop functioning soon or need repair. You must clean them for better functionality of air ducts & vent systems when any such indication arises.

How Residential Air Duct Cleaning Works?

The inspection & cleaning of air ducts & dryer vent systems is a systematic process that involves step-by-step processing. Air duct cleaning technicians will first visit your home to interpret the type of assistance needed. Based on the repairment, they will ensure cleaning & repairing air ducts by following the systematic procedure as below.

  • They will wash the air filter screen to remove dust, dirt, allergen, pollutants, grease, and another such mustiness.
  • After that, smart professionals will deep cleanse the air supply sources using sophisticated tools & specialized techniques.
  • Finally, the duct’s deep areas are cleaned by powerful pressure technology to remove stubborn debris from scratch.

Risks Involved With Unclean Air Ducts & Vent Systems:

Unclean vent systems & air ducts lead to severe harm to both health & wellness. Below are some risks involved with unclean or dirty air ducts & vent systems.

  • Hazardous Polluted Air: Unclean air ducts enable indoor air pollution that is highly detrimental to health & well-being.
  • Improper Running of Vents: If a lot of dirt is already gathered by the vent systems, ultimately, the result will be non-functioning of vent dryer & air ducts.
  • Unhealthy Environment: Collected allergens in the dryer vents & air ducts will not give healthy air space. Thus, you will be surrounded by bad or unfresh air, which leads to an unhealthy & unhygienic environment.


The above information alerts the need for residential air duct cleaning, mainly for people using dryer vents & air ducts more often. We hope we served you with the topic through the knowledge mentioned above. Thus, we at this moment suggest you get air duct cleaning without much delay if you’re residing in any polluted area. You can visit our website, Dryer Kings, for more information.