Services like home air duct cleaning are a need of the hour, and it looks like you are planning on investing in it too. Well, if that’s the case, then you’d be surprised to know that your home air ducts require an on-time cleaning service regularly.

The U.S. government itself recommends the States’ people to have the air ducts clean every now and then for their own well-being. Though duct cleaning hasn’t shown any health benefits, its function states otherwise. The dust particles that travel through these ducts get stuck to the surfaces and do not enter the living space. Keep in mind that dust particles are among the many possible sources of particles present in your living area.

air duct cleaning

Even though these ducts hold great importance, only few homeowners truly grasp how to maintain something like this properly. While these systems are not a part of the HVAC system, air ducts give your system a purpose. They filter the air and distribute it in the best way possible throughout the property. Here in this post, we have compiled a list of questions you may have about residential air duct cleaning.

1.   What should you as an owner keep in mind?

Ensure that there’s just the right amount of space available around the system. Also, try not to intervene in the process, let the professionals handle their business; they are well-trained to do so.

2.   What can you expect?

Cleaning an air duct is a bit invasive. Why so? Well, the whole process starts with cutting open an access port in the plenum. You can’t just reach out to the ducts and clean things on your own. Also, make sure that the people you have chosen have the right equipment to access the system.

3.   How long will it take?

If you are asking for an average time, then that would at least four hours. Honestly, the time depends upon the condition of the system and the size of your home. You may be asked to pay extra if the team finds one or more persisting issues with the cleaning system.

4.   How often should you ask for residential air duct cleaning?

If you want things to run butter smooth, then we’d say about every year or year and half. Poor air quality is something you shouldn’t mess with and look for a solution straightforward. Look for any issues or allergies; when found any, ask for help and look up the nearest air duct cleaning service provider.

In the End

We hope that this post helped you in the best possible way. And as far as the home air duct cleaning services are concerned, feel free to contact us at Dryer Kings. Our team knows exactly how to cater to you and that too without making you break your bank.