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Dryer vent and air duct cleaning removes dirt and debris from the inside of vents and ductwork. Dryer Vent Kings use a powerful vacuum system to clean air ducts and dryer vents, creating negative pressure that removes each speck of dust.

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Over time, dirt and debris will accumulate inside dryer vents and air ducts, particularly if you live in an area where dust is a concern or if you have pets in your home. This accumulated dirt can clog your air duct system, causing health hazards that affect your air quality and energy efficiency.

Ideally, your dryer vents and air duct system should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years. Anyone who struggles with respiratory problems or lives in an environment with excessive dust and pollutants could benefit from more frequent cleanings.

Professional dryer vent and air duct cleaning gets rid of years of dust, debris, and dander from your air duct system. This reduces the dust circulating through your home for improved air quality and cleaner, fresher air.

For people who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma, dryer vent and air duct cleaning can help alleviate your symptoms by giving you cleaner, fresher air and less pathogens circulating through your home.

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This can vary depending on the size of the home or building, and the layout of the ductwork. An average size home can take between three to five hours to complete.

Similar to dryer vent and air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning uses high-pressure air to clean the components of your furnace to minimize debris in the unit. Furnace cleaning improves air flow, reduces contaminants and can increase energy efficiency.

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Decontamination reduces the amount of pathogens in your home or business, which decreases the likelihood of spreading germs and disease.  Dryer Vent Kings uses a special blend of disinfectant cleaners and cold fogger technology that covers every square inch of the area to completely clean all surfaces.

We do not use harsh chemicals for decontamination. Instead, Dryer Vent Kings uses “green” disinfectants, which use natural herbs to safely and effectively remove pathogens and disinfect surfaces.

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Our headquarters are located in Phoenix, AZ, but Dryer Vent Kings provides air duct and dryer vent cleaning services in various locations throughout the nation.

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